Hi! My Name is Paula Hannasch

Founder of Favor of God Coaching

From a young age my love for God laid the groundwork for my spiritual journey and personal development. Being the person friends often turned to for advice and comfort, coaching became a clear vocational choice when it came on the scene several years ago.

My lifelong relationship with God has been the foundation of my life.  Having a deep love and respect for God led me to want to understand His way of doing things and His way of being.  This understanding has profoundly shaped my approach to life and business.

After many years in Corporate America as well as the Healthcare field I was able to finally step away and create my coaching business.  l am a Certified Business Coach.  My core passion as a coach is to help people realize success and that they CAN have what they want and desire; that God gives us our desires to lead us and guide us in our life, even if that has not been their experience up to this point.

My vision is to guide others to success in their business and personal life; the kind of success that brings great inner peace as well as financial wellness by leaning into His wisdom and ways of doing things.  You don’t have to compromise your values or put your Spiritual life aside to succeed.  It’s quite the opposite, the more you embrace and understand how things have been set up for you since the beginning, the greater success you can experience and I’m here to help show you the way!

What They Say

Paula has laser instincts as to what I couldn’t see was blocking me. She is kind and smart and I highly recommend you call her if you’d like some help in moving forward with your life.

Maggie Gautier

A gifted teacher and coach!

Paula’s insights are guided by Spirit.

Dr. Melanie Dunlap

I just completed a 4-week course with Paula, the guidance, knowledge, tools, caring loving spirit of hers was off the charts. I learned so much and I’m so grateful.

Pam Perrotta