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Paula Hannasch

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Hi, I’m Coach Paula, guiding Christian Women Entrepreneurs to blend their faith with practical business strategies for a fulfilling and profitable journey. Drawing on years of experience and a heartfelt embrace of Christian principles, I help you create a clear path to success, purpose, and inner peace. Ready to focus and thrive in your business? Connect with me today and let’s start your journey to a more profitable and purpose-driven life.

Paula Hannasch, Founder of Favor of God Coaching

Psalm 84:11

For the Lord God is a sun and shield;  The Lord bestows grace and favor and honor;
No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.

Here’s what’s available to you


EMPOWER is our coaching program for those ready to step into their greatness. If you often imagine achieving more with the right guidance, this program is for you. By blending foundational principles with inspired strategies and practical systems, EMPOWER propels you towards success and deeper fulfillment. Learn how to transform near misses into victories and turn spiritual insights into real-world results, elevating your business to the next level

Where to Start

Each resource is designed to meet you where you are and propel you forward. The Holy Spirit Guide, SPIRIT-LED SUCCESS: EMBRACE CHANGE WITH HOLY SPIRIT WISDOM, opens your heart and mind to Holy Spirit-inspired insights, setting the foundation for change.  


JOIN THE WAIT LIST for the upcoming new Membership coming soon!  Be the first to explore resources designed to nurture and grow your faith, paving the way for continuous growth and success.  Rooted in God’s principles, this membership is your guide to a life filled with purpose, peace and joy.  Through inspiration, practical decision-making tools, and a supportive community, we’re here to uplift and empower you on your journey.  It’s being created to help you live your best life, effortlessly aligned with your Spiritual values.  Sign up now for updates and secure your early access to this uplifting journey.


What Clients Are Saying

I recognize how much I have transformed with Paula’s guidance. She taught me the fundamentals of manifesting, leading to remarkable results. She is a masterful teacher and coach whose method is subtle, but the breakthroughs are profound. If you feel ‘I’m meant for more,’ talk with Paula; she’s insightful and has a heart of gold.

Maria Tomas-Keegan

Paula’s coaching has already helped me achieve goals that I felt would take a lifetime, in only a year. Now I feel that I can achieve so much more that I had ever imagined, thanks to the tools that I will forever possess.

Bri Leuder

You immediately feel safe with Paula. She is a wonderful human with such a gift to move you through what’s got you stuck. Paula has helped me in the most wonderful way to change my thinking, think outside of the box, etc. She has really opened my world and how I approach new opportunities that come my way.

Tracey Fry

My sales definitely increased with the time I was working with Paula and in turn the approach of always knowing it will work out for the best helped at home financially also. I reached goals of planning my days, increasing calls & appointments with consistency, an outlook of positivity, a planned approach to each day (which was a goal of mine), the positivity outlook each day with a peaceful set up and approach for the day by doing the morning routine of affirmations, planning and the discipline of this each day was what propelled me forward. I am much more peaceful and happy in my day to day work and home life. I have the balance and know how to overcome the challenges of negative thinking and to focus on what’s most important in the moment.

Michele Moran

Over the years I have worked with many coaches and yet Paula Hannasch is far and beyond more helpful, practical and insightful than anyone else. I cannot believe how comfortable I feel during our sessions. She honors who I am, yet adds so much to the work I do. I am grateful for what certainly feels like a Divine appointment, and I enthusiastically recommend her coaching services.

Jan Whalen

Paula’s coaching is life changing. She’s focused and compassionate. We are the only ones who get in our own way. I had been experiencing slow growth in business, and blocks in progress brought on in part by several life stressors, which seemed overwhelming. I’d forgotten the power of God’s law of attraction. It doesn’t have to be hard. She helped me rediscover “the flow.” Paula sifts through the noise of the issue and helps the client create actionable solutions. She’s a great supporter and the friend you never knew you needed but treasure so much.

Carol Koppelman

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How does your Coaching process work?

A: My coaching process is firmly rooted in God’s laws of creation, guided by the Holy Spirit, and grounded in practicality. We begin by exploring your unique challenges and desires. During our sessions, we actively recognize and work through any blocks that are keeping you where you are, acknowledge adjustments to make, and create an actionable plan for next steps. My approach goes beyond mere goal-setting; it’s about recognizing God’s pivotal role in every aspect of life – personal, business, relationships, and finances. This strengthens your connection with God’s principles for lasting success, equipping you to consistently apply these insights. It’s a spiritually enriched, Holy Spirit-guided, and hands-on coaching experience, fully aligned with God’s design for your life and business.

Q: What kind of transformation can a client expect?

A: Clients can expect transformation in their personal and business life. This means increased clarity, better decisions, and a stronger connection with the Holy Spirit for peace and fulfillment. It’s about navigating challenges with Divine guidance and spiritual principles, accelerating change for lasting benefits.

Q: Why would someone Coach with you?

A: My coaching provides an opportunity to grow personally and in business with a faith-centered perspective. It’s not just about hitting goals; it’s also about understanding how God’s principles lead to real success in all aspects of life – personal, business, relationships, and finances. It’s a safe space to navigate doubts and challenges with someone who values faith in decision-making and your personal and business growth.

Q: Why do people talk about mindset work, when it comes to money?

A: People talk about the importance of mindset and money because our thoughts drive our actions, which determine our results. We choose which thoughts to embrace, and whatever we choose it impacts our lives. A God-centered view of money involves stewardship, generosity, and aligning with God’s principles for prosperity. It’s understanding God’s economy, which was designed for our well-being and abundance. Developing a faith-based money mindset not only leads to financial success but also honors God and fulfills our life’s purpose. Our thoughts shape our reality; maintaining a positive, faith-filled mindset is essential for experiencing life’s abundance.